Healing Erotic Blocks

Tip number 6 for a vibrant erotic life is to heal your erotic blocks!

In order to do this you need to determine what your shadows are. Each of the 5 erotic blueprints have positive aspects and shadow aspects.

Erotic Blueprint Shadows:

Energetic blueprint shadow = hypersensitivity May cause them to short circuit and turn off quickly if too much is happening too fast

Sensual shadow = Getting stuck in their head, orgasm seems illusion they get so close and then worry they are taking too long or something like that and the feeling is gone

Sexual shadow = getting too focused on the end goal of orgasm/sex that they miss the journey. They may feel upset if orgasm doesn’t happen w limited definition of sex

Kinky shadow = Shame around their desires

Shapeshifter shadow = feel like they are too much and unsatisfiable – always shape shifting to partners needs

The shadows just need to be brought into the light to be seen, loved, and transformed. You also need to know your sexual stage and if you are stuck in any shadow aspects here as well. The 5 stages are resting, healing, curious, adventurous, and transcendental. All 5 sexual stages are important, but what you don’t want is to get stuck somewhere. There could also be unconscious block you are holding onto as well, so just be aware it could be something you are not consciously aware of.

Once you know what your shadows are start to get to know them and hear why they are there and why they showed up. It could have been to protect you or it could have been given to you by society or cultural norms. Once you acknowledge the shadow and figure out why it is there you can tell it thank you and that you don’t need it’s protection anymore and show it a lot of love for being there when you needed it. If you want to dive even deeper into healing work including a guided meditation to help you uncover what these blocks are I’ve created a masterclass called Healing Erotic Blocks – link is in my bio if you’d like to join to check it out!

Happy healing everyone!

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