Sparkle on a Date! (Dating Part 3)

I know I have definitely been through dating hell!

There was a time when I was going on so many first dates and never seeing the sights of a second. I felt like I was literally repelling people from my life.

So how do we turn that magnetism on and bring our true energy out to attract an amazing partner?

The trick is to start a self love and self pleasure practice!

Self pleasure includes everything from eating an amazingly delicious and nourishing meal to self pleasuring through masturbation.

The trick here is to pull out all the stops and really treat yourself. Take time cooking a fabulous meal and pulling out your cutest dishes and savoring the dish. Or make your bedroom an oasis of serenity, light candles, put on music and fully enjoy your wondrous body and curves.

These practices are going to help bring out your vibrancy to the surface attracting the type of partner your heart truly desires. It doesn’t matter what your personality is, your true energy is going to shine through here.

Make sure you make at least one self pleasure practice a day. This could be lovingly looking in the mirror after you shower and luxuriously putting on your body lotion. It could be dancing to whatever song strikes your mood in the morning. You get the idea – these practices get you into your body which is where we need to live.

PS Don’t forget to join my Sex Life Challenge Here!

We’ll be starting on April 2nd with 5 days of Facebook Lives talking about things like:

  • How to figure out what type of touch you like
  • How to get out of your head and into your body
  • How to try a new technique or a new way to play


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