In a Rut & BORED? (Dating Part 1)

Spring is upon us this month with the first day bouncing forth on March 20th! Which is why this month each week I’m going to be talking about DATING! It’s no secret, this time of year is all about the birds and the bees, and the lustful desire growing thicker in the air. I’m definitely feeling a bit more pep in my step as the sun is starting to stay up longer feeding me with more vibrancy and energy.

BUT what if you’re in a long term relationship and are so sick of always doing the same thing over and over. No surprises, no spark, no fun. Ugh I HATE that feeling so much!

Trust me I have so been there…

Picture this, I’m in my comfy pajamas super content to just relax on the couch and watch trash TV. Having zero sexual desire for my partner and feeling his frustration which just leads to more shut down.

What’s a girl (or guy) to do when the fire’s out?…

Enter ADVENTURE DATING! (Created by my mentor Jaiya) Using the Passion Trifecta…

An adventure date is not your plain old dinner and a movie. It’s a planned adventure designed to build passion and attraction! You must plan and prioritize your dating life using these three key elements. So pull out a calendar right now and schedule at least one adventure date a month with your partner and take turns being the one to plan the date and crete all the mysterious juiciness for your partner or being the one to receive having the date planned for them. Both ways are equally enjoyable in different ways, trust me 😉

  • The Passion Trifecta
    • Mystery
      • It’s one of the things that goes away as you start to get to know someone, which leads to boring dating. Mystery is so much fun! It creates curiosity and flirtatious energy which in turn creates intrigue that keeps them hanging on your every word. They will want to unlock your mystery and discover the secret pleasures you have to offer.
      • Pro Tip: When creating mystery, make sure you give the right amount that your date can handle. Make sure you create a container of safety.
      • Mystery Creating Example: Send a text a few days before the date, teasing them or giving them a little hint about what you might do together.
    • Novelty & Naughtiness
      • We all know that novelty is exciting, so what’s a person to do when things have gotten stale? Did you know that you can actually trick your brain into thinking it’s experiencing someone new by giving it something new to play with?!
      • Novelty Example: Role-play, wear a different scent, change anything.
    • Obstacles
      • Let’s get real, when you think obstacle you think BAD right? Wrong! Obstacles actually create more passion, attraction and satisfaction.
      • Obstacles will lead to amazing dates which = a relationship that has both deep connection and ultimate passion.
      • Obstacle Example: Panties have to stay on all night

I’m so excited for you to plan an adventure date for your partner!

xo Stephanie

PS Join my 5 Day Sex Life Challenge to go even deeper into tools and practices to spice up your love life!

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