Goddess Pre-Date Ritual

This is my ultimate Goddess pre-date ritual!

This is going to get you feeling super confident, sexually alive, and magnetic so that you can sparkle from the inside out!  This ritual is perfect if you are going on a first date, or going on a date with your long term partner.

First you want to really sink in and connect to your body by having a sensual dance break to a song that you’re feeling really turned on by.  Bonus points if you do this naked in front of the mirror.  Appreciate all your cute curves and watch yourself move so slowly and sensually under the beat of the music.  Movement feels so good in your body and will get you super juiced up!

Next self pleasure using the edging technique.  This is where you stroke your pussy for maybe 5-10 minutes but don’t reach climax. This is going to fill you with a ball of sexual energy that creates confidence and magnetism like a fire inside of you.

If you’re really feeling edgy, dab a little bit of that pussy juice behind your ears to feel super confident, a little bit naughty, and get those pheromones going to drive your date wild. 

Have fun on your date and radiate that glow sister!

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