Discover Your Eroticism

Deepen Connection & Intimacy Within Yourself & Your Relationships.

Doing work with coaches and mentors both one on one and in groups has radically changed my life. I have been working with people who inspire me for years to help me peel back the layers of myself, uncover my desires and shadows, discover how I want to change and grow, embrace my inner goddess, deeply heal and the list goes on.

There is an epidemic of feeling STUCK. And I sought out these coaches and mentors at times when I was feeling epically stuck in my life. From divorce, to changing jobs, to moving countries, to just feeling like there is more out there and opportunities to shine brighter – I’ve been through it with help.

Who I work with:

  • I work with people who are ready to do their work. Who enjoy the process of growing and expanding to become more aligned with their desires. Who want to be free in the expression of their truth.
  • I work with people who are excited to invest into their growth and development. Who are excited to show up and participate.

How we work:

  • My coaching uses a variety of tools based on your unique situation and is largely based on embodiment work and energy work.
  • On the first session though we will deep dive into what is going on with you, what you need, what’s inspiring you, what you want more of and take it from there.

We connect on a weekly basis to create the magic! We unfold your unique erotic map, and discover ways for you to connect with your desires in order to express them in the world.

It is important that we are both inspired to co-create your life together because we will be diving into a relationship of vulnerability, fun, excitement, creativity, and deep depths of exploration.

If all this excites you and you feel READY then please sign up below! OR if you have more questions click below to sign up for a call and we will discuss further.

Why We Need To Know Our Erotic Blueprint™

Fear of vulnerability (of speaking our truth) is the #1 reason we feel blocked, stuck and alone.

We were taught from a young age to suppress our sexuality, to hide “bad” feelings and to disconnect from our bodies.

We pushed these things away so far that we are so disconnected from ourselves that we don’t know how to communicate or understand our own desires.

So we isolate, we judge ourselves as being wrong or broken and we separate from love.

This separation makes us feel lonely and ashamed.

We feel deep inside that this can’t be it. We feel that craving for actual connection.

But how do we access it?

This Method Will Help You Break Free From Being Stuck To Find The Connection And Intimacy You Desire

This method gets to the root of disconnection: our separation from our body and sexuality.

It heals you on a level where you are no longer blocked by your suppressed emotions. You make friends with your body and your shadows.

This method gives you clear steps, providing structure and guidance as you do amazing transformational work.

This is a process of undoing the belief system of suppressed sexuality so that we can stop suffering and return to love.

Take A Look Inside the Program

Before I started coaching with Stephanie I didn’t feel seen and I didn’t know what I desired.

My relationship was good, but I knew I wanted to push my boundaries and that there was more out there for me to discover.

The turning point for me was learning my Erotic Blueprint and my partner’s. I realized we’re not the same and realized there are different ways people receive pleasure. The major needle mover for me was learning to “speak the blueprints” and learning to communicate in my partner’s unique language.

Now I understand my partner on a deeper level because I know the way he likes to communicate, to be heard and spoken to – AND vice versa. I feel more connected and I am seen and honored for my desires!


Before I was feeling very lost and anxious. I felt chaos surrounding me, and felt extremely guilty about focusing on my pleasure.

The major needle movers for me were learning the Blueprints first and foremost, and then the tools of putting pleasure first, breath-work, and the healing meditation – which was a game changer.

Now I am feeling relaxed, more present, expanded, and like it is just the beginning of so much more.


This Program Will Change Your Life

This is a deep dive into your sexuality and eroticism. You're going to heal old wounds, release resentments and find that spark to more connection and intimacy you crave.

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