5 Secrets To Authentic Relating Communication

Get your mind blown about how easy communication can be!  I love how Authentic Relating practices create a beautiful ease of communication, and I’m so excited to share with you 5 secrets to Authentically Relate with your partner!

Secret #1: Welcome Everything

I love this secret because it allows us to welcome anything that enters our sphere of information that we receive around us.  What it means is that we welcome it, not that we have to agree with it.

Secret #2: Assume Nothing

Another secret I love because we all know how assuming can get us into trouble and make us feel upset when someone gets something completely wrong about us.  Assuming is human nature so there is actually no way you can assume nothing, however what you can do is become aware of when you are assuming and get curious instead!  Ask questions, let them know what you notice that you are assuming, get clarity.

Secret #3Reveal Your Experience

Okay this one is epic, and my favorite way to practice this is with body reveals.  When you are in conversation notice the sensations happening in your body and reveal them to your partner.  Sometimes we don’t have the words, but we can share that we have a lump in our throat, tightness in our chest, excitement tingles in our face, etc.  You can also share the impact you feel from the information you are receiving.  Let your partner into your world so that you can be seen, known, and heard.

Secret #4: Own Your Experience

This one is so important because it allows us to take complete responsibility for our experience and our impact on others. I find this one to be one of the hardest to become aware of and practice, but it makes HUGE shifts once you do.  It’s being able to take away the blame, and own the judgements that are coming up for you.  For example: “You’re so selfish” becomes “I notice I have a judgement that you’re being selfish”

Secret #5: Honor Self & Other

Plain and simple!  Honor your own needs while you also honor your partner’s!

So, how can you look at a miscommunication with your partner from a different perspective now? How can you show up differently for them, and create more understanding, love and compassion between you?

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